Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

The AATSP-IA Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards are given to teachers of Spanish or Portuguese representing the following three categories:

  1. Elementary/Middle School Level: PreK-8
  2. Secondary Level: 9-12
  3. College or University Level

Candidates should be a full-time language teacher who spends at least half of their time in direct teaching, and who expect to continue teaching for at least two more years.

Candidates should have a record of excellence in teaching.

  • Professional achievements and activities  
  • Evidence of continued professional growth  
  • Service to the world language teaching profession

In order to represent AATSP-IA well, the winner of this award will be someone who exhibits the following qualities and to the highest degree:

  • Frequently uses of the target language in instruction
  • Designs instruction to meet the individual needs of all learners
  • Designs and implements activities that meet the goals of the ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language Learners (Communication, Culture, Connections, Community, Comparisons)
  • Engages students in cultural learning both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Continuously seeks out opportunities to grow and improve his or her own professional practice
  • Stays actively involved in professional language teaching organizations
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills through various experiences (e.g. presenting sessions and workshops for conferences)
  • Regularly and effectively advocates in his or her community, and if given the opportunity at the state and even national level, for the advancement and enhancement of world language teaching and learning for all students
  • Exhibits excellent verbal and written communication skills

Although it is beneficial, applicants need not be current AATSP members to apply; however 5 consecutive years of membership and a minimum of five years’ experience as a world language educator are required to represent AATSP-IA at the AATSP National Conference.

Timeline: Nominations are open until April 30th. Candidates will be notified of their nomination and asked if they would like to pursue the award in early May. Candidates must submit all required materials by July 31st. Candidates will be notified of the results by August 31st. The award(s) will be presented at the awards banquet at the annual IWLA Conference in early October.

Nomination Form